Karen Lundy is a writer residing in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She majored in history at Memorial University of Newfoundland and minored in anthropology/archaeology. Although her principal genre is literary fiction, she just completed a work of non-fiction entitled Hello Billie: A WWII Love Story which will be released by Flanker Press on July 8th, 2022. Her short story, Time Signature, was published in The Nashwaak Review. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador and contributed to and edited their quarterly newsletter WORD. She is currently working on a fiction novel set forty years in the future entitled The Wizard of St. Ives. Karen has written poetry and haikus, one of latter included on the home page.

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  1. Karen:
    This is Cam, Gerry’s youngest son. Just got your book ‘Dear Billie’ ! It’s great to see Aunt Billie and Uncle Vern way back when. Kudo’s to you that on behalf of them!

    Cheers, Cam


    1. Hello, Cam. Delighted to hear from you. Our fathers were the only ones to serve in WWII in that generation of the family. When I published Dear Billie, I was very happy to know that there’s now a written record of that contribution.


  2. Hi Karen. I just finished reading Dear Billie and thoroughly enjoyed it. My father is the George Cooper that was referred to on page 81. My dad’s mom was Helen Ploughman, Vernon’s aunt.

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    1. Thank you so much for getting in touch, Christine. Had I known this information, I would have included it. There were so many details. I have been in touch with Gert’s daughter, Kay, who is in her eighties and read the book before it was published and filled in some detail but didn’t mention that George Cooper was Helen’s son. I think she may be about the only one left of that generation. I wish we had known about my father’s letters much sooner. There were so many questions I had that couldn’t be answered.

      Also, I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Writing it was very important to me.


  3. I was given Dear Billie (as a birthday present) by my wonderful friend and neighbor who is from Monkstown. We live in Florida and are planning our first of many trips to Newfoundland this August. This was such a touching love story amidst such a tragic war. My husband was in the U.S. Cavalry in Vietnam and in retirement has built many models of tanks from WWII and Vietnam. My father was in the U.S. Army and fought at The Battle of the Bulge. I thank you for honoring those who served to protect our freedom. We can’t wait to attend our screeching in ceremony.


    1. Thank you, Sue, for getting in touch and for your lovely comments. I’ve just returned from Phoenix where I spent a couple of weeks with my daughter. So glad you enjoyed Dear Billie. It is amazing to hear from Florida! May you have a wonderful visit in St. John’s. All the best, Karen.


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